Meet the Millennial Cultural Capital of Nanjing, Enjoy the Pleasure of Reading

Becoming prosperous in the Six Dynasties, celebrated as "the world's cultural center" since ancient times, and revitalized in the modern times, Nanjing, the millennial city is entitled "City of Literature" and has thriving literature in history. Nowadays, when you come to the city, you will find that the number of bookstores is surprisingly big. Brick-and-mortar bookstores are the marked characteristic of the world’s "city of literature", let's explore the city and bask in the heavy literary atmosphere.

Kam Book City

Kam Book City is a 4-story building covering 9,900 square meters, with transparent floor-to-ceiling glass facade to provide excellent view, lighting, and eye-catching style. The interior space is also very impressive. Not only is there a "coffee corner" where you can take a rest, but also a small theater and an art gallery, where cultural salons are held occasionally.


Junhui Bookstore

Junhui Bookstore is the first ancient building rebuilt in the East Zhonghua Gate Historical Culture Block. It has multiple entrances, Huizhou-style courtyard and two stories; the bricks, tiles, carvings and ancient wood structure are all from a distant time. Lying in a comfortable sofa, reading a book and sipping a cup of coffee, you can spend a quiet and leisurely afternoon there.



Café Belong

Strolling along the tree-lined Jinyin Street, you may find the Café Belong located at the northwest corner of Nanjing University Gulou Campus. Although it is in the downtown, it is able to maintain a refined and calm atmosphere. Not only does this place have books, music, coffee, movies and other amenities, but it also holds regular sharing sessions and movie previews, and enriches the youth of Nanjing University students.



"Wutong Space", the City’s Mini Living Room

The book cafe is a cultural space close to people in Nanjing with the logo of Chinese parasol leaf. It’s Nanjing's cultural symbol where you can read, rest and appreciate the scenery, as well as enjoy all kinds of services. It is a place for experiencing Nanjing's culture and charm, which you may encounter unexpectedly at a corner of the city.