Tour Jiangsu While Listening to Huaihai Opera, "Mountain and Sea - Turbulent Waves" 3-day Tour to Suqian and Lianyungang


Day 1: Start from Suqian - Dragon Temple Temporary Palace Scenic Spot - Xiang Yu’s Hometown Scenic Spot - Shuyang Huaihai Opera Theater (Huaihai Opera)

Day 2: Lianyungang Dayi Mountain Scenic Area - Haizhou Ancient City - Salt River Lane Historical and Cultural District

Day 3: Huaguo Mountain - Return

Dragon Temple Temporary Palace Scenic Spot

With vermilion palace walls and yellow glazed tiles, the south-facing Dragon Temple Temporary Palace is just like a "Royal Palace". When entering the Palace and looking up, you will see the ancient theater. Suqian has a saying: "Three days without the Liuqin Opera, one cannot eat and sleep well", and the Suqian Liuqin Opera originated from the Zaohe River. According to legend, Emperor Kangxi and Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty watched Liuqin Opera here. Nowadays, the world cultural heritages and provincial intangible cultural heritages coexist here to create more fascinating cultural charm.



Xiang Yu’s Hometown Scenic Spot

On the magnificent gate tower, you can see mottled brick walls, fluttering Chu flags, and the historical traces of the Overlord of Western Chu everywhere. One may get sentimental when recalling Xiang Yu's legendary life full of ups and downs. In the long history, Chu State had eight hundred years of splendor full of countless wonderful stories. When we enter the exhibition hall, it is as if we have traveled through time and space, and those silent historical scenes are vividly reproduced in front of us.


Shuyang Huaihai Opera Theater (Huaihai Opera)

Huaihai Opera is one of the major local opera genres in Jiangsu Province, which originated and flourished in Shuyang. When you enter Shuyang Huaihai Opera Theater, you can experience the mellow singing, exquisite performances and dramatic plots of Huaihai Opera. It is a "small opera house" loved by the people without doubt.


Dayi Mountain Scenic Area

Dayi Mountain Scenic Area is known as the best sacred mountain in Pingchuan, Huaibei, with four characteristics: antiquity, Buddha, divinity, and natural wonders. It dates back to the Archean Era and has a history of 2 billion years, consisting of 12 peaks, with the highest peak at 226.6 meters above sea level. Daiyi Mountain was named after Yi Yin, "the best prime minister of China" and the originator of Chinese cuisine and the creator of traditional Chinese medicine decoction, who lived here as a hermit in his later years. Since ancient times, the scenic area has been known as "five kilometers of green hills walled in the city". It has a long history, brilliant culture and rich natural and cultural resources.


Haizhou Ancient City

Located in Haizhou District of Lianyungang City, Haizhou Ancient City is the birthplace of Lianyungang City. With a history of more than 2,000 years, Haizhou has become the economic and cultural center of the surrounding area since the Qin and Han Dynasties, and has been known as the "Gigantic Town at Huaikou", "Famous County of East China Sea", and "the first city from the east of Huaihai". The stores, attractions and temples of the ancient city are basically concentrated in one street and eight alleys in the middle street: Erying Lane, Tang Lane, Guanmiao Lane, Kong Lane, Huangmiao Lane, Ruxue Lane, Wang Lane and Jiang Lane. Walking through the streets and alleys of the ancient city, the courtyard walls and tiles beside you are all traces of history, and everything exudes a strong atmosphere of ancient city and sea charm.



Salt River Lane Historical and Cultural District

The Salt River, which has been flowing for more than 1,400 years, used to be the first shipping waterway in the ancient Haizhou and carries the profound history of the salt culture along the Grand Canal. Nowadays, the Salt River Lane Historical and Cultural District next to the Salt River Ancient Road has become a cultural appeal of Lianyungang. When the lights come on and the night falls, the traditional Chinese-style night show and water screen movie bring you into the long history of this city. Bars, restaurants, and food stalls are ready to feast diners from all over the world, while vibes and culture blend here.



Huaguo Mountain

Huaguo Mountain is located in the south of Lianyungang City, at the foot of middle Yuntai Mountain. It faces the Yellow Sea in the east, borders a plain in the west. Since ancient times, it has been reputed as "one of the four divine mountains in China". There are strange stones, seascapes, monuments all over the mountain, and the stories of the Monkey King add a touch of divinity and magical property to this mountain. The Water Curtain Cave has clear springs, and the waterfall at the entrance of the cave flows straight down, splashing the spray that brings a sense of coolness and freshness. The Yunv Peak has a sea of rolling clouds at the top, and the mountains are hidden in a wide expanse of churning waves just like a fairyland. Wandering among the mountains, you may see little monkeys jumping on the branches, and their expressions are so vivid that as if the Monkey King has returned, and the uninhibitedness and freedom bring people to the Journey to the West.