Walk in the Charm of Jiangsu, Explore the World Heritages - 4-Day Tour to Suzhou, Nanjing, and Yangzhou

Features: Jiangsu, the land of watery charm, is rich in world cultural heritage. You may go to Suzhou to enjoy the elegant gardens, to Nanjing to explore the magnificent historical sites, to Yangzhou to see the lasting canal culture, taste the delicacies brought by the long-standing food culture, get hands-on experience in China's traditional handicrafts of intangible cultural heritage, and to explore these cultural treasures, witness the enduring civilization.


Day 1: Start from Shanghai and Arrive in Suzhou

Visit the Humble Administrator's Garden, experience Suzhou embroidery at the Suzhou Silk Museum, listen to Kunqu opera and Pingtan during the night tour to the Master of the Nets Garden, and savor Suzhou cuisine at Songhelou.

The first stop is Suzhou, a water city, to experience the Jiangnan beauty. Visit the Humble Administrator's Garden, the best of the four famous gardens in Suzhou, and enjoy the quiet and elegant garden views. Then go to the Suzhou Silk Museum to appreciate Suzhou embroidery, one of the four famous embroideries in China, and admire the exquisiteness created by the needles and threads. Then it’s a night tour to the Master of the Nets Garden, and experience the mysterious and joyous night view in a garden while the mellifluous sounds of Kunqu opera and Pingtan reverberate in ears. Later go to Suzhou's century-old Songhelou to taste the traditional Suzhou cuisine, savoring the exquisite and delicate Suzhou flavors.





Overnight stay: Scholars Hotel Pingjiangfu


Day 2: Go to Nanjing by High-speed Train from Suzhou

Explore the Imperial Tombs of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, feel the vibes of Confucius Temple, tour the Qinhuai River at night, and taste the Jinling cuisine at Nanjing Impressions.

The next day we will go to Nanjing to experience the profound history and culture of the ancient capital of six dynasties. Go to the world cultural heritage - Imperial Tombs of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, known as "the best tombs of the Ming and Qing dynasties" to explore the royal secrets. Walk around the Confucius Temple to feel the city's vibes, ride a boat on the Qinhuai River, recall the prosperity of the ancient capital in the sound of paddles and city lights, experience the cultural heritage from the endless flow of the Jinling culture. Taste the local snacks at Nanjing Impressions, so that the taste buds will always remember the traditional flavors of the old Nanjing.





Overnight stay: Nanjing Grand Hotel


Day 3: Arrive at Yangzhou by high-speed train from Nanjing

Visit the Grand Canal Museum and Sanwan of the Canal, and enjoy Yangzhou delicacies at Jinchun Hotel.

The Grand Canal is a flowing cultural heritage. When you come to Yangzhou, the start of the Grand Canal, you can't miss the grandeur of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. You may explore the past and present of the Grand Canal at the China Grand Canal Museum in Yangzhou, known as the "encyclopedia" of canals in China; then stroll through Sanwan of the Canal to feel the vitality of the natural lives along the banks of the Canal. You can also enjoy the fresh and light-flavored Yangzhou delicacies at the Jinchun Hotel, where your body, mind and taste buds will all be relaxed and satisfied.



Overnight stay: Grand Metropark Hotel Yangzhou


Day 4: Morning Tea at Fuchun Tea House

On the last morning, enjoy the leisurely morning tea at Fuchun Tea House, a century-old restaurant in Yangzhou, and start your day with a steaming hot breakfast in Yangzhou style.


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