Nantong 2-Day Tour to Enjoy Tongzi Opera, Folk Opera and Echoes of Rivers and Oceans


Day 1: Start in Nantong - Langshan Mountain Scenic Area - Nantong Cultural Center (Tongzi Opera) - Haohe Scenic Area

Day 2: Zhang Jian Cultural Tourism Scenic Spot - Nantong Haimen Theater (Folk Opera) - Jiangsu Jianghai Museum - Return

Langshan Mountain Scenic Area

Langshan Mountain is a mountain, but not like a mountain, it’s more like a garden without walls. If you come to Nantong, the first thing you have to do is to visit this beautiful mountain. When walking in Langshan Mountain, you can see crystal clear lake, flowing water, and bridges forming a landscape. In the lush jungle, fragrant flowers bloom in all seasons. At the top of the mountain, there is the plain and ancient Guangjiao Temple, where you can hear evening drum and morning bell regularly to calm the mind.


Nantong Cultural Center

Tongzi Opera is a unique local opera in Nantong opera, an important cultural heritage branch of the Nuo folk culture in China. It has gone on many exchanges and performances overseas, and widely popular among people. In Nantong Cultural Center, you can appreciate this unique opera that involves astronomy, geography, military, territory, medicine, folklore, farming, fishing and labor, village rules and regulations, political changes, Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism ... It can be called a folklore encyclopedia in Nantong.


Haohe Scenic Area

Nantong sits by river and sea, and enjoys pleasant scenery. The Hao River runs around the city that is dotted with pavilions. The river is an ancient moat famous for its natural and cultural landscape. It winds along passionately in the shape of an inverted gourd encircling the old city, forming a unique pattern of "river embracing the city and the city leaning on the river into a whole". Therefore, the river is known as "the emerald necklace of the river city". There are many relics on both sides of the Hao River, including the first public museum independently founded by Chinese people, Nantong Museum, Wenfeng Tower, China's first textile museum, Tianning Temple, and Guangxiao Pagoda etc.


Zhang Jian Cultural Tourism Scenic Spot

Zhang Jian is a modern Chinese industrialist, as well as a cultural symbol and spiritual token of Nantong. Please come to Zhang Jian Memorial Hall to admire the legacy of the sage. In the scenic spot there are Zhang Jian Ancestral Hall, Golden Turtle Platform, Cultural Corridor, Scholar's Hill, Scholar's Pavilion and ancient ginkgo tree etc. Inside the Memorial Hall, many photos and precious artifacts about Zhang Jian's birth and growth, industrialization effort to save the country, and education to strengthen the country in various periods are exhibited. The ancient ginkgo tree there is more than 200 years old and is the king of trees in Haimen District.


Nantong Haimen Theater

Haimen Folk Opera is the historical legacy of Haimen culture and the shared memory of Haimen people. At present, Haimen folk song art theater has become an important medium for the inheritance, performance and spread of Haimen Folk Opera. Tracing the history of the folk songs, inheriting and developing them, the Theater offers a chance for you to appreciate Haimen folk songs and understand their style and rhythm in Nantong.



Jiangsu Jianghai Museum

Jiangsu Jianghai Museum is currently the only provincial state-owned museum in China that focuses on comprehensive display of the origin, inheritance and development of the river and sea culture, with a collection of 8,114 items, including 862 sets and 1,159 pieces of precious relics. If you want to appreciate Nantong’s charm of river and sea, this museum is a must-see.