"World Heritage Wetland - Go to the Xixi Ancient Town” for Intangible Cultural Heritage Themed Tour

The Xixi Ancient Town in Dongtai of Yancheng City is the origin of “the Legend of Dong Yong”. This route explores in depth the "Legend of Dong Yong" and Fan Gong culture, and visitors can watch "Fairy Couple", "Love Between Fairy and Mortal", "Fan Zhongyan" and other fine performances in Xixi Tourism and Culture Scenic Area. You may also walk around the Fairy Couple Intangible Cultural Heritage Bazaar, personally experience Dongtai hair embroidery, Anfeng wheat straw patchwork, Shiyan wood carving, painted gourd, Qinhu paper cut and dozens of attractions of intangible cultural heritage.


Intangible Cultural Heritage x Performance

In recent years, Xixi employs a variety of innovative means to present intangible cultural heritages, including the widely known Fairy Couple. Originated from "the Legend of Dong Yong” in Xixi, also an intangible cultural heritage that has been passed down for a thousand years, Fairy Couple is performed live, combining lighting with the stage, so that visitors in the ancient town can savor the show of intangible cultural heritage. Immersive night performance of "Love Between Fairy and Mortal” leads everyone into the setting of heaven and earth to help Dong Yong find his true love - the youngest of the seven immortal maidens.


The intangible cultural heritage performances at Caoshi Street are mind-blowing. Face changing of Sichuan opera, jar juggling, and whipcracking etc. draw rounds of applause from the audience. In a folk performance of Chinese wedding, there are phoenix coronets and embroidered capes, as well as long lines of people wearing jubilant red clothes. The romantic wedding passed down through millennium conveys an undying love. The Xixi Ancient Town shows people a new form of traditional intangible cultural heritage.



Intangible Cultural Heritage x Art

Dongtai hair embroidery, which has been handed down for a thousand years, is presented by the embroiderers through delicate needles and threads. At the Fairy Couple Intangible Cultural Heritage Bazaar, you can experience dozens of intangible cultural heritage attractions such as Anfeng wheat straw patchwork, Shiyan wood carving and painted gourd up close.



A wide range of cultural and creative products of intangible cultural heritage inherit the skills of intangible cultural heritage and reflect the original aspiration of the artisans. Visitors can also have a face-to-face talk with the intangible cultural heritage artisans or experience the intangible cultural heritage here to pass on the intangible cultural heritage as it is. They can take the intangible cultural heritage home.


Intangible Cultural Heritage x Food

At the Dongtai Fish Soup Noodle Restaurant, diners can savor the thousand-year-old Dongtai food and stories as bowls of fish soup noodle related to intangible cultural heritage are served. 



The fragrance of Chenpi wine, a cultural brew made in the Xixi Ancient Town over a thousand years, is strong and refreshing. There are also cuisines related to intangible cultural heritage from all over the country on Caoshi Street, attracting the attention of visitors. Sugar painting, Tiaozini seafood noodles etc. The intangible cultural heritages are not only delicious but also full of aftertaste.