Yuantouzhu Cherry Blossom Festival: Stunning Beauty among Mountains and Waters

Wuxi Yuantouzhu Cherry Blossom Festival, Japan Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival, and National Cherry Blossom Festival at Washington DC are known as the world's three best cherry blossom festivals. In March and April every year, more than 30,000 cherry trees of more than 100 varieties in Yuantouzhu flower as if in competition, and the air is filled with sweet romance.

In the cherry blossom valley, there are more than 100 kinds of cherry blossoms, and the white cherry blossom "Someiyoshino" is in bloom, the pink and white petals are pure and brilliant under the sunlight. Here, there are Tang- and Song-style buildings, and the tallest building in the valley is the "Nieyun Tower" overlooking the entire cherry blossom valley.

The "Shangying Tower" is a perfect place for viewing the thousands of cherry blossoms in full bloom as far as the eye can see. The cherry blossoms in Yuantouzhu are as beautiful as snow, which can only be seen when you climb up the Shangying Tower.

Here is a place with mountains on one side and water on the other. The cherry blossom petals blown off by the spring breeze are spread on the Ten Mile Path like a carpet of pink and white flowers. The best place to enjoy cherry blossoms is "Cao Wan", where there are White Jade Arch Bridge, Shallow Water Bay, hillside grass, and dense cherry blossom trees.

There is also a cartoon-style cherry blossom post office hidden in Yuantouzhu. In front of the post office, several large cherry trees have lots of pink cherry blossom-like wind chimes hanging on them. When the wind blows, the cherry blossom petals fall, the wind chimes dance in the wind, making a crisp tinkling sound.