Fulfill the Dream of Martial Art Master in the Oriental Salt Lake Resort

In the central region of the beautiful Yangtze River Delta, there is a renowned mountain - Maoshan Mountain. With beautiful shape and lush forests, it is an idyllic place for ancient and modern literati. At the foot of the mountain lies the national 4A scenic area-Oriental Salt Lake Resort, where you can fulfill your dream of martial art master.

As you enter the gate of the Resort, three huge stone statues will guide you into the maze of stone formations. Walking up the mountain, you can see the jagged peaks surrounded by mist. After covering a leg of mountain road, you will come to the Drum Altar. Every day at 10 o'clock, the mountain worship ceremony is staged here, providing visitors with a magnificent visual feast. Go westward from the Drum Altar, passing the Old Sophora Temple, you will arrive at the Maoshan Cultural Street where catering, accommodation, travel, entertainment and shopping experiences are offered, and featured stores and attractions are dotted around.

There are also many popular attractions in the scenic area, such as the Ice House, where you can play on ice slides, enjoy ice sculptures and ride bikes on ice. Out from the Ice House, you can also go to Kundi Valley to experience the exciting rafting. During the thrilling rafting adventure, visitors can appreciate the mythical tale of Nvwa Patches up the Sky.

The immersive martial art performance “Dinner Party of Martial Art Masters” in Oriental Salt Lake Resort is famous far and wide. Visitors can choose any one of the six schools of martial arts - Gumu, Emei, Mani, Wudang, Beggar Gang, and Wudu - and help to compete for the position of master of martial art schools.

In addition to fulfilling dream of martial art master, visitors can also enjoy exciting performances such as tightrope walking and bamboo pole dance. In Taiji Square, there is the scenic area's top show every night - the scenic live-action show "The Happy Excursion". The show tells an immortal’s love affair through a thousand years. It features water curtain, stunts, light art, while incorporating water projection and water stage to present beautiful scenes.