Rivers, Seas, and Nature·A Different Kind of Study Tour—6-day Tour of Shanghai, Yancheng, Nantong, Xuzhou, and Lianyungang

Trip Features:

Jiangsu Province spans rivers and sits along the coast, with numerous lakes and a dense network of rivers and lakes. There is a rich variety of wetlands and magnificent natural landscapes. The study tour is a fun and educational journey, in which you can feel the different styles of rivers and seas and subtly learn the history and culture. This trip will take you on a journey of treasures: come to the seashore, hold the crystal grains and explore the secrets of the sea; walk into nature and enjoy the world’s natural heritage; climb the mountains, listen to the mythical stories and enjoy the stunning mountain and sea scenery.

D1 Arriving in Shanghai

Checking in at the hotel and self-arrangement for the rest of the day.

D2 Yancheng:

China Sea-Salt Museum, Anfeng Ancient Town, Huanghai Forest Park, Tiaozini Wetland Park, and Chinese Milu Park.

The first stop is the Migratory Bird Sanctuaries along the Coast of Yellow Sea-Bohai Gulf of China (Phase I), where you can look into the mysteries of the wetlands in Tiaozini Wetland Park and dance with Milu in the Chinese Milu Park to enjoy the beauty of natural ecosystems. You can visit the China Sea-Salt Museum and Anfeng Ancient Town to learn about the prosperous past of salt transportation and the story between salt and Yancheng (Salt City).

D3 Nantong:

Lang Mountain Scenic Area, Hao River Scenic Area, and Nantong Museum.

When you get to the scenic Lang Mountain, you will find a diversity of creatures; when you walk along the bank of Hao River, you can admire the beauty of Nantong’s “emerald necklace”. At Nantong Museum, you can see the first museum of modern China and learn about Zhang Jian, a Chinese national industrialist who made brilliant achievements a century ago.

D4 Xuzhou:

Gui Mountain Scenic Area, Xuzhou Museum, and Yunlong Lake Scenic Area

The culture of the Western Han and Eastern Han Dynasties can be found in Xuzhou. After arriving at Xuzhou, you can go to Gui Mountain Scenic Area and Xuzhou Museum to step into the atmosphere of the culture of the Western Han and Eastern Han Dynasties and experience the charm of Chu and Han; you can also go to Yunlong Lake to appreciate the infinite scenery and feel the profound history in the relics such as the relics of the old fortress and the Han portrait stones.

D5 Lianyungang:

China Donghai Crystal Museum, Huaguo Mountain Scenic Area, and Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area.

When you walk into the China Donghai Crystal Museum, you will marvel at the crystal beauty and endless charm of the crystal world; when you climb Huaguo Mountain, you will find magical rocks and long-standing monuments and hear the myth of the Journey to the West; at the Yuntai Mountain, you can enjoy a stunning sunrise over the sea and the unique mountain and sea wonders of Jiangsu.

D6: Back to Shanghai