Tea Picking, Tea Making and Tea Tasting in Hundreds of Acres of Tea Gardens Which Are Extraordinarily Beautiful in Changzhou!

Not long ago, "Chinese Traditional Tea Making Technique and Related Customs" were inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. As a major tea-drinking province, Jiangsu has many tea gardens. To take a deep breath in a tea garden and taste the freshness and tranquility of nature, these tea gardens in Changzhou are not to be missed.

Lingfeng Tea Garden

In the early morning, the Lingfeng Tea Garden is covered in light mist, and the sunlight penetrates through layers of tea trees, casting a million rays in the garden. Ridges of tea trees are green and tender, delicate and lovely. A look at the fresh tea green will give people a good mood.

Xinlong Eco-Friendly & Organic Tea Garden

The tea garden is located in the Nanshan Bamboo Sea Scenic Area, with selenium-rich soil and fully organic planting, care and processing to ensure the quality of organic tea from the source. On the overlapping tea mountains, the dexterous hands of tea picking girls are dancing on the tea trees, and the fresh fragrance of tea lingers between the lips and teeth.

Tianmu Mountains Tea Garden

Tianmu Mountains Tea Garden overflows with tea fragrance and is intoxicatingly beautiful. The pleasant paths wind along tea mountains, the tea bushes are neatly arranged, the delicate tea leaves grow strong and stretch out. As you walk in the tea garden covered in light mist, you feel liking walking in a poetic picture scroll.