Jiangsu with Hot Springs, a Place for Recuperation in Winter

In the freezing winter, the heat of hot spring can bring a lot of warmth to enhance people's resistance and immunity against cold. When you come to Jiangsu in winter, please visit hot spring resorts, where you will become addicted to the hot spa.

Tianmu Lake Yushui Hot Springs Resort

Tianmu Lake Yushui Hot Springs, a featured hot spring resort in China, has been named one of the "Top Ten Hot Springs in China". Surrounded by mountains and located in the middle of a vast bamboo sea and natural oxygen bar, with four seasons changing in a day, Yushui Hot Spring is a perfect place for you to take a hot bath and relax whenever you want.

Dino-Valley Hotspring Resort Changzhou 

Dino-Valley Hotspring Resort has Cave Heaven, Dragon Pool, Health and Leisure, Lovers’ Romance, and Bird Nest Forest baths, including red wine spa, essential oil spa, waterfall spa, whirlpool spa, fish pedicure spa, and Chinese medicine spa, nearly forty open-air spas in total. The largest theme Dragon Pool can accommodate a hundred people together. The garden is covered with lush fragrant flowers and trees, with corridors and pavilions connecting each spa. You can enjoy the spa undisturbed here, and experience the urban forest and hot spring in secrecy.

Nanjing Tangshan Easpring Resort

Nanjing Tangshan Easpring Resort is the largest open-air hot spring base in East China, with mirror-like blue water in the front and green mountains like a screen in the back. Richly endowed by nature, the resort has built 50 open-air hot spring baths, and 15 upscale and elegant private spa houses. The resort also has a waterfall spa in which you can experience the temperature difference in the waterfall while enjoying the spa, so that you can be refreshed.

Yangzhou Slender West Lake Hot Spring Resort

Located on the shore of the picturesque Slender West Lake, Yangzhou Slender West Lake Hot Spring Resort is a Chinese-style garden hotel separated from the East Gate of Slender West Lake by a road, so you can see the scenery while enjoying the hot spring. The hot spring area has 40 hot spring pools of different shapes and efficacy. Surrounded by beautiful views, lake and rivers, the hot spring is blended into natural landscape, where you can experience the leisurely pleasure in the spa of health and wellness.