Yancheng - Photography Tour to Capture Winter Wonderland in Wetlands

Not long ago during the 14th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties to the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands in Geneva, the second accreditation ceremony was held to give the certificate of accreditation that recognizes "International Wetland Cities". Yancheng in Jiangsu Province was awarded the certificate of "International Wetland City".

Yancheng City has 582 kilometers of coastline and 769,700 hectares of wetlands, which are the largest and most ecologically well-preserved coastal wetlands on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean and the edge of the Asian continent. Yancheng’s wetlands are characterized by magnificent sandbar, reed marshes enshrouded in mist, densely distributed lakes, rivers and harbors, birds flying in droves, picturesque waterscape at the doorstep of ordinary household. Everything lives in harmony, people and nature, cities and wetlands coexist and thrive here. In winter, when you come to Yancheng for a photography tour, you may capture a beautiful wonderland without noticing it.

In the Tiaozini Wetland, Dongtai, Yancheng City, you can see the reddish-brown feathers of the spoon-billed sandpipers, known as the "feathered pandas", gradually replaced by grayish-white feathers that are more suitable for wintering. You can also see the unique coastal landscapes such as the "line of tide", “divided water”, and "tidal forest".

In the Red-crowned Crane Nature Reserve, you can see cranes and deer dancing together carefreely, and you can also capture the wild beauty of a herd of deer galloping around. The nature reserve in which wild animals and wetland mudflats can be seen everywhere is a paradise for photographers.