Nanjing - Tangshan "Fancy Hot Spring" in Winter

When the cold winter arrives, hot springs become a hot topic. Bathing in a hot spring not only relaxes the body and mind, but also makes people comfortable and at ease. As a hot spring resort, Tangshan Hot Spring Tourist Resorts has a history of more than 1,500 years. Since the Southern Dynasties, officials and literati have come here to travel and bathe in the hot springs, therefore, it has been given the name of "holy spring". Please come to Tangshan this winter and enjoy the fancy hot spring.

Tangshan No. 1 Hot Spring Resort (Red Wine Bath, Hot Stone Bath, Fish Pedicure)

Tangshan No. 1 Hot Spring Resort has always been loved by literati and distinguished officials. There are various spa experiences such as red wine bath, hot stone bath, and fish pedicure etc. The beautiful spring water is light red like red wine that can nourish every part of the body, and the bathers are wrapped, caressed and enveloped by the spring vapor. If your back is sore and your joints are aching, you can also try the hot stone bath here. It's enviable to watch a blockbuster while enjoying the hot stone bath and a cup of jasmine tea. In the fish pedicure bath, small fish will kiss your body and enjoy the comfortable bath with you.

Greenland Yuhao Hot Spring Hotel (Spa under Starry Sky)

As the only five-star resort hotel offering natural hot spring experience, the hotel is built in the architectural style of the Republic of China era. The hotel brings Tangshan’s natural hot spring water to the rooftop open-air garden, where a dozen different hot spring baths are scattered among the lush greenery, offering stunning views for all seasons. Eleven baths are surrounded by bamboo and pavilions, and there are baths added with Angelica dahurica, Astragalus propinquus, root of coastal glegnia, Polygonum multiflorum and rose, which, together with the high concentration of negative oxygen ions in Tangshan, will help you wash away your fatigue. At night, you can also enjoy different romantic hot spring experience under the starry sky.

Meiquan Bathing Culture Homestay (Exotic Hot Spring Bath)

Meiquan Bathing Culture Homestay is located in Tangjiajia Hot Spring Village in Tangshan Hot Spring Tourist Resorts. The contrasting colors of bright blue and white on the buildings with curved roof is eye-catching yet soft. Meiquan Homestay is named after a spring in the village, which is said to be warm all year round. Legend goes that a deity traveled here to wash his earthly worry by the spring, then his body and mind became beautiful, later people called this spring Meiquan, namely "the spring of beauty". Moroccan-style north African gardens, Turkish-style cotton island, French-style can experience the bathing culture of different countries here, as if in a foreign country.