Changzhou Yancheng Chunqiu Amusement Land

Yancheng, located in Changzhou City of Jiangsu Province, is the ground city wall and moat with tri-cities and three rivers in the Spring and Autumn Period, and now is the Yancheng Ruins of ancient China. Based on the Yancheng Ruins, China of Chunqiu Yencheng Tourist Area was established, which is China’s first Fantasy Land with the cultural theme in the Spring and Autumn Period.

Chunqiu Amusement Land is composed of the areas like Yancheng Ruins Park, the Ancient Philosophers Garden, City Streets, Bailing Water World, Chunqiu Palace, Chunqiu Five Powerful Chiefs Mountain, Tiexue Adventure City. It combines with the Static Sightseeing Project, Interactive Entertainment Project and Experiential Amusement Project backed by the culture of Spring and Autumn Period with the form of scene experience, in accordance with the politics, militaries, economics and cultures in Spring and Autumn period.

The fulldome film Returning To Spring and Autumn Period, suspending in 28m upper air, which displays the historical scenarios of Competing for Hegemony in a 180-degree giant view field. With an extremely shocked audiovisual effect, and it helps the audience personally experience the real magic scene.

Five Hegemons Haunted House is the first Super Horror Historical 3D Haunted House in East China, which fully displays the cruel scene of Fighting for Hegemony by the five hegemons of Spring and Autumn (Qi, Jin, Chu, Wu and Yue).

In the amusement land, the tourists could deeply experience the profound historical and cultural lasting appeal of Spring and Autumn period in the fun and exciting interactive entertainments of multiple experience projects.