Nanjing Huanglong Xian Tea Culture Village

Huanglong Xian Tea Culture Village enjoys the reputation of “Central Water Area of the Yangtze River, High Quality Tea of Huanglong Xian”. The “Xian” of Huanglong Xian refers to a splendid hill, the green mountains and rivers of Huanglong Xian are very charming with excellent geography and geomancy. It still maintains the disposition as natural and rustic as that of a land of idyllic beauty.

Now multiple characteristic tourist attractions have been developed in Huanglong Xian Tea Culture Village: Millennia Ancient Official Road, Tea Garden for Sightseeing and Picking Zone, Tea Culture Museum, Tea Culture Flavor Street, Big Huanglong Teahouse, Huanglong Fairy Bamboo Pavement, Fruit and Vegetable Picking Experience DIY Zone, Lotus Pond Wetland, Yanhu Graceland, etc.

“Good Tea Originated from Wonderful Place”, Huanglong Xian has an excellent ecological environment with beautiful landscape and fresh air. The content of negative oxygen ion is 8,065 per cubic centimeter, and it is the natural oxygen bar that nourishes all things. One could say that Huanglong Xian’s natural ecological environment enjoys the exceptional advantages of planting tea leaves, and the tea leaves produced here are reputed as “The First Needle of Jiangnan Area”.

With Tea Culture Show as its connotation, Huanglong Xian Tea Culture Village focuses on creating the Characteristic Rural Tea House that integrates the Tea-tasting and Rest, Tea Ceremony, Tea Art, Tea Custom, Tea Bath Experience, Tea Sales – Research- Production, Tea Party Regulation, Characteristic Tea Products Purchasing. Holding the tea culture theme activities, so that the consumers could deeply experience the inside information of tea culture in the process of appreciating tea, making tea, smelling tea, drinking tea, and tasting tea.

Location: No. 1, Huanglong Xian, Paifang Community, Jiangning Street, Jiangning District, Nanjing