Lianyungang Aquarium

Lianyungang Aquarium is the National 4a Level Liandao Resort Area and also the biggest tourism investment project in recent years. It is China’s first aquarium that displays the marine animals based on Island mountain tunnel, which is the aquarium being built into the central sea in real meaning.

The exhibition area of aquarium totals over 400m, covering approximately 3,000 m2, which displays about 300 species, including over 1,000 living marine animals. This aquarium, almost contains all representative animals of various species, and also is one of the minority of aquariums that uses the natural seawater to exhibit the marine animals in China.

Here can you see the coral reef fish, jellyfish, the national protected animal like sea calf, sea turtle, hawksbill, big shark and estuarine crocodile, etc. Ocean No. 1, the China’s scientific research vessel, explores the mineral substances such as manganese nodule and sulfide stone below 3,000m seafloor of four oceans.

The aquarium contains Large-scale Whale Specimens Area, Marine Shellfish Coral Area, Aquatic Organisms Living Area, Acryl Seafloor Tunnel Area, Sea Mammal Viewing Area and Science Popularization Gallery. The tourists can acquire more knowledge about the ocean in Science Popularization Gallery while visiting the aquarium. The Liandao Cruise Terminal is in the opposite of the aquarium, so the tourists could boundlessly visit the ocean by ship. The north door directly connects to the Liandao Dashawan Amusement Park and Sumawan, directly can the tourists reach and appreciate the ocean.