Yangzhou Vince Tofu

Vince Tofu is a traditional famous dish with a time-honored history in Jiangsu Province, which originated from Yangzhou and belongs to Huaiyang Cuisine and Jiangsu Cuisine. “Vince Tofu” was started from the Qing Dynasty with a history of 300 years. The Monk Vince of Yangzhou Tianning Temple used the ingredients like soft tofu, day lily and agaric to cook this delicate and tasty tofu soup, which won the affection of lay Buddhists who came here to burn incense and worship the gods. Since it was created by Monk Vince, people called it “Vince Tofu.”

Vince Tofu is a dish which can fully display the knife skills of Huaiyang cuisine. First cut the tofu bean curd into slices, crosscut into very thin slices, and pour down the tofu bean curd, finally fine cut the slices into thin shreds in a 90° angle, which can even pass through the pinhole. Not only did this knife skill need the cooperation of hands, eyes and knife, but also require the coordination of mind and hand.

The shredded tofu, as thin as hair, spread out after being put into clean water, which presents the cloud and mist like form and just like a picture of Chinese landscape paintings. At your first sight, the ready-cooked Vince tofu blooms like a chrysanthemum in its appearance. It is incomparably fresh and smooth, with lingering aftertaste. After putting the Vince tofu into the cup, it looks like a vivid landscape painting.