Suzhou Imperial Kiln Gold Brick Manufacture Skill

Suzhou Imperial Kiln Gold Brick Manufacture Skill is the traditional craftsmanship of Suzhou of Jiangsu Province, which was enrolled in the list of national intangible cultural heritage in 2006. The imperial kiln has started firing the gold brick since 1413, so far it enjoys a history of about 600 years.

This process of manufacturing the imperial kiln gold brick has over 20 steps, which is very complicated. Producing the gold brick needs a long-term effort, generally, it takes the workers over one year to produce a gold brick from mud exploring to drawing. After drawing, the gold bricks need to be sliced and grinded into fine bricks. Due to the especially strict quality requirement from the government, each brick shall be stamped with the name of supervised feudal official and potter for the inspection.

Based on these unique features, the finished imperial kiln gold bricks are plain and solid with gleaming surface. The surface is as flat as a whetstone, like a jade, and it is as smooth as a mirror, resembles a white metal. It would give forth the sound of clanging like that of metals.

Suzhou Imperial Kiln Gold Brick has high practical value and ornamental value, which features the smooth and wear resistance, brighter rubbing, slip and wet resistance after being used as pavement bricks. It not only could prevent the rise of ground moisture, but also can display the magnificent palace, and present resplendent and comfortable villa and ancient residence. “Turning Gold from Soil” from Imperial Kiln Gold Brick is the crystallization of Wu Culture, which condenses the dexterity and wisdom of man in Imperial Kiln. It is a highlight of China’s brick kilns culture and contains rich cultural connotation of history.