Lianyungang Crystal Painting Skill

Crystal Painting Skill, also being called as Crystal Stone Painting Skill. It is a unique traditional art form which draws in the natural crystal in Lianyungang Area, and it mainly concentrates on Donghai County of Lianyungang City.

The crystal of Donghai County has fine quality with more varieties, which has a long-lasting mining excavation history. The crystal texture of Donghai County is transparent with little impurities, and its quality can be ranked among the top in China. It mainly falls into colorless, tawney, ink, green, purple, yellow, rosiness crystals in Donghai County. Because Donghai County’s has the China’s largest crystal reserves and exploitation volume, Donghai County is also being called as “The Hometown of Crystal” in China.

Crystal Painting Skill is produced by innovatively combining the natural crystal and traditional painting skill. It first utilizes the natural ornamental stones’ color and unique texture to conduct composition, so as to design the suitable graphics; Then adopts the painting art form to supplement the corresponding scenes in the essentially vacant position, and the transparent original stone materials shall be utilized to paste and coalesce the picture. Conducting the secondary processing and grinding to create the arc surface, and finally combining with the wood base, so that the exquisite crystal crafts can be manufactured. Each crystal product manufactured by this skill is unique.

In 2010, this skill was enrolled into the second batch of Non-material Cultural Heritage Protection List in Lianyungang City.