Suzhou Huqiu Scenic Area

Huqiu, also being called as Mount Haiyong. It is located at the northwest of Suzhou’s ancient city and praised as “The First Scenic Spot of Wuzhong”. Su Dongpo, a great poet in Northern Song Dynasty, “The two scenic spots like Huqiu and Lyu Qiu are worth visiting when arriving Gusu District of Suzhou,” the reputed words for myriad years wrote by Su Dongpo, a great poet of the Song Dynasty.

Huqiu has a height of 34.3 meters, and the area covers about 20 hectares. According to the Records of the Historian, Recordation The King He Lyu of Wu kingdom, was buried there, as the story goes by, there was a white tiger squatted down his grave three days after he was being buried, thus this place called as Huqiu (Tiger Hill). There is another saying goes, the name is called as per its shape squatting as a tiger. The height of Huqiu is only over 30 meters, but it’s “the demonstration of Jiangzuo’s gully”. It has steep rock and towering hills with a magnificent and changeful prospect, which is the tourist attraction with three splendid sites and eighteen scenic spots in all weather and seasons.

The two most famous scenic spots in Tiger Hill are Sword Pool and Tiger Hill Pagoda, there were three big calligraphers such as Yan Jun, Mi Fei and Wang Xizhi inscribed characters in Sword Pool. Tiger Hill Pagoda is the world’s second leaning tower and ranks China’s first. This tower is the most ancient Pagoda with grand scale and exquisite structure existed in Jiangnan Region. It failed to fall down even with a leaning tower, which proves its preciousness. This tower enjoys the unique and important position regarding building science, formative arts, historical research and other aspects because it’s China’s unique asset.


Tiger Hill witnesses the vicissitudes of two thousand five hundred years in Suzhou, the towering Tiger Hill Pagoda in the summit of a mountain is the typical icon of Suzhou.