Changzhou Oriental Salt Lake Resort

The Oriental Salt Lake Resort is situated at Jintan Maoshan, a famous Chinese Taoist mountain. It centers on the featured resource advantages in “Mountain, Water, Salt, Tea, Medicine, Spring”, Taoism Culture and Jintan Geo-culture. With the investment of about ten billion yuan, the invested party spared no effort to build the National Level Landscape Health Tourism Resort with the area of 27.8 km2.

Taoism World, the World’s Taoism. Phase I Core Project of Oriental Salt Lake Resort: Magic Mountain Town ·Taoism World Scenic Spot, which is the creative interpretations of Taoist thoughts concerning China’s Unity of Heaven and Man, Trigram and Geomancy. It is located at the center of the Oriental Salt Lake Resort, which covers the area of over 1000 mu, with the total investment of RMB 2.8 billion. A magic town looming out of the cloud was formally opening to the outside world on Mar. 26, 2016.

In accordance with the understanding of universe generation and natural composition in oriental ancient times, it is proposed to establish the special tourism projects containing one temple, ten yards and Taoism streets in this town. Integrating China’s arts and crafts, cultural heritage, natural ecology, science and technology experience, and creating the new generation of the landscape culture tourism products that combine “Religious Culture Exhibition,” ” Jiangnan Magic Mountain Town,” and “Creative Interactive Experience.” So that the “Jiangnan lijiang” and unique Chinese Taoism Culture Experience Tour can be formed.

Based on its unique culture and characteristic landscape experience, the Oriental Salt Lake Resort creates a brand new tourism, health and leisure pattern, and it will become a masterpiece and immortal legend and a joint cultural heritage of mankind.