Yancheng Science and Technology Museum

It is a large science popularization education infrastructure being established by The people’s Government of Yancheng, which covers 20,500 m2 with the overall height of 24m. Overlooking the whole structure, its appearance just like a key which can open the Science and Technology Maze.

Yancheng Science and Technology Museum falls into the Front Hall, Permanent Exhibition Area, Special Showbiz Area, Temporary Exhibition Area and Conference System.

The Permanent Exhibition Area is especially established for exhibiting products in Science and Technology Museum. We adhere to the people-oriented guiding ideology in this exhibition area, which can let the  people feel the scientific spirit and accept the science ideology by the novel way of exhibition. There are five special feature exhibition areas being established in this exhibition area.

The “Science & Discovery” Exhibition Area reflects the basic scientific contents centered on classical physics, and it reveals the basic law of the objective world to the public and review the human recognition course of the objective world.

The “Technology & Innovation” Exhibition Area displays that how the High-Tech development changes our cognitive world, and gives the audience with strong visual impact and profound experience.

The “Technology & Society” Exhibition Area mainly introduces the promoting effect of science and technology on the social harmonious development.

“Children’s Science & Technology Park” Exhibition Area mainly let the children perceive the world and experience the science when playing games.

“Wetland & Ocean” Exhibition Hall presents the natural beauty and mystery that combine the three wetlands like the featured coastal beach, lakes and rivers based on scenario creation, multimedia display, specimen display and other forms.