Xuzhou Han Terracotta Warriors Museum, also called as Xuzhou Ancient Military History Museum. It is located at No. 1, Terra-Cotta Warrior Road, Yunlong District, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, which is the historic site museum in China.

This museum includes Xuzhou Ancient Military History Exhibition Hall, Qin and Han Dynasties’ Military History Exhibition Hall, Han Terracotta Army Exhibition Hall, etc. Over 5,000 m2 was increased to Han Terracotta Warriors Museum upon the reconstruction based on the original architecture. The reconstructed and expanded museum’s architectural style enjoys the profound history and culture ambience. There is a China’s unique Underwater Terracotta Warriors Museum newly being established at 100 meters away from the north side of Han Terracotta Warriors Museum. This museum has two square Jue bucket shape architectures, imitates the roof construction form of Han Dynasty and presents four slopes. It exhibits the recuperative Terracotta Warrior Pits and carefully restored Terra-Cotta Warriors.

The museum’s modern exhibition hall has two layers of aboveground parts. The first layer is the Xuzhou Ancient Military History Exhibition Hall, which fully displays the generation, development and unique historical appearance of Xuzhou Ancient Military War by using advanced sound, light, electricity and other display measures; The second layer is Terra-Cotta Warriors Exhibition Hall, which introduces the historical background, development and evolution, production process and artistic value of Terra-Cotta Warriors. It focuses on displaying the military history, conscripts history, civil war and weapon of the Qin and Han Dynasties to the audience.

The underground layer of Museum’s Modern Exhibition Hall is the original relic site of Han Terra Cotta Warriors Pit Army. The reconstructed Han Terra-Cotta Warriors Ruins Exhibition Hall fully demonstrates the overall picture of Xuzhou Han Terracotta Warriors.