Shangri-La Hotel, Nanjing·Café Xuan

At the heart of Nanjing’s Gulou District, Shangri-La Hotel, Nanjing provides a convenient and elegant respite from the bustling city with about 5 minutes’ drive from Nanjing Railway Station. With its superior geographic location, the hotel overlooks Xuanwu Lake with easy access to Xin Jie Kou shopping centre in Nanjing.

After a day’s sight-seeing, you return to the comfort of Shangri-La and consider your choices for dinner: an impressive international buffet spread at Café Xuan, authentic Huaiyang cuisine dishes at Jiangnan Wok, or a destination hot pot favourites and bar combination at JIN.

Starting from August 9th, the new executive chef Alex and his team will show you the Summer BBQ Carnival with seafood, Chinese and Western dishes, and delicate desserts at dinner of every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

At the BBQ section, grilled lamb chops, steaks, Spanish chorizo, German-style sausages, garlic-baked green mussels and so on are freshly roasted and sliced, which are even more tasty accompanied by the secret sauces prepared by the chef.

In addition to the barbecue, with the theme of Musang King Durian, the chef makes a wide variety of innovative dishes, including Oyster Glazed Durian Puree, Durian Onion Pancake, Durian Chicken PotGlazed, etc. The dishes are delicious and unique.

At the dessert section, there are various durian desserts, such as Durian Spanish Fritters, Durian Yogurt, Durian and Mango Cake, which are soft and sweet.

Besides, Café Xuan has local dishes like Huaiyang Cuisine, Nanjing Duck, Zhenjiang Pot Cover Noodles, Crock Soup and Nanjing Fried Dumplings for the guests. In the Japanese cuisine section, the seafood sashimi sushi is provided, and the chef works on site to maintain original ingredients. So many delicious food is waiting for you.

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Location: 329 Zhongyang Road, Gulou District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China

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