“Chase light” Together! Go to the 2023 Changzhou Lantern Festival Together!


The annual "Chase Light” event- Changzhou Lantern Festival is on! From December 17, 2022 to April 2023 the 2023 Changzhou Lantern Festival - the Brilliant Dragon City will be held in the Dino Water Town of China Dinosaurs Park tourism resort, and will be open to the public for nearly four months. Four thematic lighting areas and six thematic lantern groups are fascinating in dazzling beauty that people can't take their eyes off the artworks.     

The theme of this year's lantern festival is "Harmony among Heaven, Earth and People - Love Keeps Hope Alive". Tianning Temple, China Dinosaurs Park, Modern Media Center and other representative landmarks are "moved" into the venue of this year's lantern festival.

The "Harmony among Heaven, Earth and People" lantern group tells the story of Changzhou with lanterns and explores the city spirit of Changzhou. The "Time at 120 East Longitude" lantern group features dynamic lights and shadows and is like the flow of time. 

The "Colors in Childhood" lantern group is inspired by the outstanding works of the fourth "Colors in Childhood" Competition in Changzhou. 

Under the cover of night, a large rabbit carries a lucky bag, wishing people great success and good fortune in the new year. 

The "Love Keeps Hope Alive" lantern group features an 18-meter-tall "Mother of All Things” in stunning beauty.