The Three Major Maple-Viewing Resorts in Jiangsu Are Beautiful Beyond Words in The Season of Red Maple!

As the temperature gradually drops, the maple leaves begin to change color. It's time to start a red maple viewing journey! The three major maple-viewing sites in Jiangsu have ushered in the best period to appreciate maple trees.

Nanjing Qixia Mountain

Nanjing Qixia Mountain is one of China's four major maple viewing sites. As the saying goes, "Qixia Mountain has half of the history of Jinling". Qixia Mountain in this season boasts sweetgum, red maple, acer palmatum, zelkova, mountain pepper etc., presenting a riot of colors of light yellow, yellow, light red, and pink, like a colorful oil painting of nature. In addition to enjoying the colorful red maple, you can also stroll around the Qixia Ancient Town full of antique beauty and explore the stone carving culture of the Six Dynasties. It should be noted that every weekend there are various activities such as ancient-style parades and immersive performances in the Qixia Mountain Scenic Area and Qixia Ancient Town.



Lianyungang Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area

Covering nearly 82 acres, the Maple Valley Scenic Area at the foot of Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area boasts the largest maple forest in Lianyungang City. At the Maple Valley, "Maillard" color series is all over the mountains and fields like a picture scroll. Every November, the Golden Autumn Leaves Cultural Festival is held here, featuring a series of activities such as parent-child hiking, maple poetry collection, and parent-child maple leaf fan DIY.



Suzhou Tianping Mountain

Tianping Mountain is renowned at home and abroad for its "red maple, clear springs and strange rocks", and is known as one of the four major maple-viewing spots in China along with Xiangshan Mountain in Beijing, Qixia Mountain in Nanjing and Yuelu Mountain in Changsha. In this season, the maple leaves of Tianping Mountain are changing from green to yellow, then from yellow to orange, from orange to red, and finally from red to purple, forming a unique "colorful maple view".