Children's Art Performance "Childhood in the Water Town"


Founded in 1956, the Jiangsu Provincial Culture Center is a public welfare cultural institution affiliated to the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism. It's responsible for guiding the cultural work of the masses in the province, assisting in the cultural and artistic creation of the masses in the province, and organizing the social public welfare mass cultural and artistic activities.It collects fine folk arts and crafts and mass calligraphy and painting works, publishes mass cultural journals, conducts investigations and researches on mass culture and art, theoretical discussions, and social art education and other important tasks.

"Childhood in the Water Town--Children's Art Performance" is an art performance selected and sent to the Jiangsu Provincial Culture Center by cities in Jiangsu Province. Each program is an inspiration of the local culture and life in all parts of the province, showed by the children with their naive and lively artistic expression. Let's enjoy Jiangsu culture from the perspective of children!