Yangzhou North Lake National Wetland Park

North Lake National Wetland Park is located in the northern suburb of Yangzhou City, at the junction of Gongdao Town, Yangshou Town and Fangxiang Town in Ganjiang District. The total core area of the park is about 1,153 acres, which is equivalent to 3.5 times of the area of Slender West Lake, and the natural wetland coverage is up to 70.37%. The park has thatched waterside pavilions and is covered by green shades with river networks and rippling lakes. According to the Beihu Chronicle, the park has created three sections of "Thirty-two West Lakes", "Willow Lake" and "Deserted Lake", with cultural attractions such as Beihu Literary Garden, Zhuhu Cottage and Bamboo Forest Tea House.




In the park, the dense water network and vast grassland bring you endless wild fun. From the grassland to the lakeside, refreshing "watercolor paintings" are everywhere. When you look up, you will see birds passing by, and there are many wild birds living here.