"The Most Beautiful Village in Huai'an City" - Gushan Village

"The millennial Gushan Village, the most beautiful village in Huai'an City”. Gushan Village is the only traditional Chinese village in Hongze District. The village sits at the inlet where Huaihe River flows into Hongze Lake, and is surrounded by water on all sides. It gets its name because it is shaped like a giant turtle floating on the water.

From the Sui and Tang Dynasties to the Northern Song Dynasty, Gushan Village was situated at the main route of canal transport and developed into a thriving major canal town with many temples and merchants. The village is rich in cultural relics such as " Wuzhiqi Well”, “The Royal Docks" and "Imperial Edict Stele", etc. Meanwhile the traditional way of production and life continues to this day, and the people are simple and honest. The village preserves its historical layout and traditional appearance.

As you walk in this idyllic countryside, stone roads, stone houses, the sound of chickens and dogs are all adding to the pristine beauty of the village. Away from the hustle and bustle of a city, you may enjoy the quiet life, stay in this ancient village for a night to refresh your body and mind in nature. At night you can look up at the stars and moon in a small courtyard and find the poetic life cherished in your heart.