Wuxi Zhujia Garden Resort Hotel

It is located on the East Side of the Qingming Bridge in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, In the ancient canal bank, one can walk to Nanchang Street, Ancient Canal, Nanchan Temple and other scenic spots.

The garden, built in 1904, is the back garden of the former residence of Zhu Dachun, the first red merchant in Wuxi. It is reputed as a miniature Humble Administrator’s Garden. This place is characterized by the ancient culture, with green courtyard, sparkling lake surface, cooling pavilion, and has ten theme suites with poetic design inspiration. The traditional cultural customs are expressed in poems and the poems are transformed into space enjoyment.

In this hotel, it has a series of supporting facilities such as Tea House, Coffee Shop, Chinese Restaurant and Garden. It has also provides the services concerning Welcome Tea Break and Special Wuxi Local Breakfast. All of these services are delivered to the room to enhance the experience feeling and reflect the distinctive high-end butler service concept. The customers, in the house, can experience the Jiangnan humanistic feelings and understand the profound culture.

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