Huishan ancient town, Wuxi 无锡惠山古镇

Huishan Ancient Town is a national 5A-level tourist scenic spot. It is located in the northwestern slopes of Wuxi, Xishan, and the northeast slope of Huishan. The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal flows close to its north, and Huishan, a tributary of the Grand Canal, reaches the hinterland of the ancient town.Its unique geographical location, beautiful natural environment, well preserved old neighborhood style, long history, rich cultural heritage, just like a Jiangnan historical and cultural museum through time.

Huishan ancestral hall group

Ancient ancestral hall complex has been formed between Yuan Dynasty and Ming Dynasty at the latest.  The shape of the ancestral hall building is mostly based on the hard mountain style of the Jiangnan residential buildings. The pink-walled tiles, non-repetitive carvings, and simplicity are also unremarkable. There are also some Xieshan-style halls with high shapes and brick and wood structures. It still retains its original appearance.

Yangoufang ancestral hall, built in 1911, is the only one in Huishan ancient town with a Western-style appearance. Dark red wall brick, arc-shaped arch window, step windowsill all leave the mark of Western architecture. However, if viewed from above, the building is also a quadrangle building with Chinese characteristics.

Huishan Spring

Huishan spring, originally named Yilan spring, is said to have been dug in 779 AD by Jingcheng, the county magistrate of Wuxi. The water quality of the spring in the pool is very good, and it has a history of more than 1200 years. A famous tune  “The Moon Reflected In Er-quan ” makes the two springs more wonderful and famous.

Huishan Temple Garden

Huishan Temple Garden is ranked first in Wuxi’s top ten jungles due to its long history and deep culture. From the 1950s to the beginning of the 21st century, a large number of wonderful cultural relics and historic sites in Huishan Temple Gardens were repaired and protected. Huishan Temple Ceremony Buddha started in the Southern Dynasty more than 1500 years ago and is the oldest existing Buddhist temple in Wuxi. As a famous Buddhist temple, the history here is full of incense and many monks. It is also a blessing place for emperors to worship.

The cultural relic landscape of Huishan Temple has become an important part of the cultural relics and historic sites area, and is the epitome of the Buddhist culture accumulated in Wuxi for thousands of years. In October 2002, the Huishan Temple Garden was upgraded to a cultural relics protection unit in Jiangsu Province.

Huishan Ancient Town Scenic Area

Address: No. 18 Baoshan Street, Liangxi District, Wuxi City

Bus lines: Wuxi Bus 10, 139, 158, 207, 26, 27, 2, 39, 43, 56, 59, 71, 87, 89, 98, 359, get off at Xihui Park

Tickets: 120 / person

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