In this flowery March journeyed south to Yangzhou

Ever since thousands of years ago, numerous scholars and literati had been appealed by Yangzhou’s amazing scenery, and left countless praise and compliments, making Yangzhou a disseminated in the poetry of the city, today, the Slender West Lake’s wonderful view, Daming Temple’s atmosphere of zen, the Grand Canal and its magnificent sight written in the poems are still able to be seen, showing their unique beauty.



Slender West Lake Scenic Area:


Some people say that the charm of the Slender West Lake  lies in the word “slender”, the Slender West Lake width changes, twists and turns around the most vivid summary, like a slim and graceful lady, delicate and soft, revealing a kind of shy friendship.


Slender West Lake is not just a lake. It is the perfect embodiment of the ideology of Yangzhou, a famous cultural city with a history of thousands of years. It is the perfect presentation of the integration of natural lake and cultural architecture. Generations of skilled craftsmen carefully carved every inch of the Slender West Lake, every corner of this lake is filled with a feeling of art and literacy, revealing an elegant posture.


West lake in spring, is the most the scene of wen wan, starting from the south gate, along the way, in a glittering lian lian, Xu Yuan, five pavilion bridge, city spring machine, twenty-four bridge, los spring hall, ZanHua kiosks, pavilions strewn at random have send,, in TaoHongLiuLu walks, meanwhile, with the change of the Angle, often can gain different surprise.




Yangzhou Daming Temple:


Yangzhou Daming Temple is about a five-minute walk to the north from the north gate of the Slender West Lake. Yangzhou Daming Temple stands on the middle peak of Shugang Mountain. It is a collection of Buddhist temples, cultural relics and garden buildings. It is known as the “Top View of Huai River’s East Bank” and the “First Scenic Spot of Yangzhou”.


There is a plant in the front yard of Daming Temple in Yangzhou. It was planted during the reign of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty and has a history of more than 300 years. Every spring, the flower is in full bloom, as big as a jade basin. It is like dancing fairies, charming and graceful.


Master Jianzhen was once the abbot of Daming Temple. He devoted himself to preaching Buddhism and made great contributions to the cultural exchanges between China and Japan. In 1973, a famous Chinese architect Liang Sicheng elaborated a new design, referring to Chinese temples in Tang dynasty architectural style, and built distinguishing memorial hall in Daming Temple in order to display Master Jianzhen’s wooden figure. Cloth paintings recording the master’s story of travelling to the east were displayed on the walls. Paintings of Dayan Pagoda in Xi ‘an, Zhaoqing rock, Kyushu Akitsumaya-ura, Nara’s Toshodaiji all represented the journey of Master Jianzhen.

In Daming Temple, Pingshan Hall is also a must-go place. Pingshan Hall is a secluded place. In front of the hall, ancient vines are intertwined and plantation is lush. The board with three characters “Pingshan Hall” is hung high in the middle of the traditional Tongtang-architectural-style hall. Lingering in the Pingshan Hall, through the bamboo forest and bushes, literati’s calligraphy can be seen in forms of couplets or stone inscriptions, leaving you with an unforgettable experience.



Yangzhou Canal Sanwan Scenic Spot: China Grand Canal, cherry blossoms, bird-watching


Slender West Lake in north, ancient Sanwan Scenic Spot in south. Ancient Sanwan refers to the three curved sections of the Grand Canal in Yangzhou, which is now the location of the Sanwan Scenic Spot in Yangzhou Canal. Here, the Sanwan Canal winds around, two Bridges cross two sides, and the ecological wetland with thousands of hectares  lies here, which adds a majestic atmosphere to the gentle temperament of Yangzhou.

In spring, there is a lively interest in Sanwan Scenic Area. You can stroll leisurely in the sea of cherry blossoms. You can experience the harmonious coexistence of wetland style and forest vegetation in spring breeze. Enjoy the life of the core reserve in a wooded birdwatching house; To appreciate the greatness of life above the rock; You can witness the perfect combination of Yangzhou culture and architecture on the vast canal. You can also overlook the magnificent and steep Jinshan Mountain, overlooking Sanwan area, enjoy the hundreds of turns of Yangzhou gardens, and see the beautiful scene of “travelling in the nature’s painting”.