Winter at Gaoyou Lake Reed Wetland Park, a Beauty Beyond Imagination

For a unique winter scene that you can’t see elsewhere, come to visit Gaoyou Lake Reed. Clusters of reed flowers are pure as the fallen snow, showing their distinct beauty in the warm rays of the sun. Small like flakes of snow, fluffy as pieces of cotton wool, hold a branch in your hands, the pedals will swirl in the breeze. The clusters of reeds dancing in the breeze form just a splendid sight despite of the cold weather!

The Lake Reed Wetland Park in Jieshou Town, Gaoyou covers an area of 10,000 acres. As the reed flowers are fluttering along with the snow, flocks of birds gather here to pass the winter, creating a magnificent natural view. You can take a small shuttle ship or rent a boat to meander among the maze of reeds, wild but dreamily. Among the misty vegetation and surrounded by the flocks, there might even be a fish leaping up from beneath the water. You can either appreciate a couple of water herons frolicking afar or admire the beauty of the waves of reeds nearby. If you have an artistic heart, why not come here with your sketchbook or camera and let the beautiful moment stay forever.

When the fishing song calls for dusk, everything is bathed in the soft golden sunset. If you would like to stay, it is a good choice to spend a night at a hotel on the boat. In the quiet paradise, let the water lull you to peacefulness and allow the reflection of the moon and stars to strike the strings of your heart.

 (Source: Gaoyou Lake Reed Wetland Park)