Here are Some Recommended Jogging Routes. Let’s Go!

The Qilihe Park Route

Located along the Qili River on either side of Dujiangnan Road, the Qilihe Park is a renovated central park in the southeast of Yangzhou.

With a coverage of nearly 300 mu, the park is constructed in two phases. The first phase for the east half covers an area of over 200 mu, with about 16,000 square meters for squares, designed scenery walls, corridors, scenery stones and children’s playgrounds. Besides, it is also equipped with parking lots, toilets, and other facilities.

 The park also has nearly 25,000 square meters of water, a fast track of about 1 kilometer and a walking track of about 2.4 kilometers, which are connected to the island over the lake with a steel bridge, an arch bridge and two flat bridges. However, the most conspicuous structure in the park is undeniably the 40-meter-high “Sightseeing Tower”, with its bottom part used as a city library. Nowadays, the Tower has become an iconic landmark of Qilihe Park.

The Sanwan Fitness Trail

Sanwan Ecological Center situates in the core of the southeastern part of Yangzhou City. With the ancient canal passing through, the long history has nurtured abundant ecological resources. According to the “3+3” model, several circular tracks, namely three 800-meter tracks and a 3-kilometer track, have been constructed, providing various options for people with different running habits.

The tracks are integrated in the beautiful environment of the Sanwan Ecological Center. Following the flowing water, the tracks straddle both sides of the ancient canal with two bridges representing the traditional paper-cut culture and the flowing water in the canal respectively, which string the unique beauty in the Center.

A series of historical relics and cultural landscapes are scattered along the Sanwan section of the ancient canal. The tracks extend to afar from the entrance of a city library, which attracting the passing by runners. Overlooking the horizon against the railing, you can communicate with the ancient canal through time and space.

The tracks go past 12 scenic spots, including the Collection of Wonders in the Dragon Alter, Rain Listening in the Lotus Fragrance, Lingbo Bridge, the Viewing Spot of Jinshan, the Poetry and Paintings of Yangzhou, Tide Viewing at the Phoenix Platform, the Paper-cut Bridge, and the Stream Path into the Shade. While exercising, one can experience the exquisite skills of contemporary craftsmen and reach a peaceful and positive attitude toward life.

Lake Walkway in Mingyue Lake Park

Each of the four sections of Mingyue Lake Park (children’s amusement, musical fountain, water platform and walkway around the lake) has distinct characteristics. The 3-kilometer route around the lake and the novel musical fountain in the park have become popular attractions for residents of Yangcheng. The S-shaped track between Mingyue Lake and its eastern pool is like a red belt inlaid on the shore.

 Along the trails of Mingyue Lake Park, rows of landscapes formed with greenery are refreshing with unique and colorful appearances. It is ideal for running, cycling, and walking for fitness enthusiasts.