Baoyinghu National Wetland Park: A Pure and Blessed Place on Earth

Yangzhou Baoyinghu Wetland Park, located between Baoying Lake and the Grand Canal, is a provincial wetland park with the largest and best-preserved Metasequoia forest wetland in northern Jiangsu and Baoyinghu wetland, which is known for its good water quality. Baoyinghu National Wetland Park has a vast area of trees covering nearly 3,000 mu with lush greenery, which is known as “one of the best wetlands in Jiangsu”. The 4,500-mu Baoying Lake serves as the beautiful eye of the wetland park.

Experts highly praise Baoying Lake that it maintains good water quality and a pleasant ecological environment and boasts abundant animal and plant resources. There are as many as 147 species of birds, including “national protected” birds such as swans, red-crowned cranes, egrets, as well as the great bustard, an endangered bird of prey. “In spring, the reeds buds are tender; in summer, the trees are shady, and the weather is cool; in autumn, the wind is soughing, and fish and crab are plump; in winter, the red sun shines the forest brightly.” This poem is the most authentic portrayal of Baoyinghu Wetland Park.

The 3,000 mu of neat and uniform Metasequoia forms a beautiful spectacle. The forest has more than 50 kinds of herbal medicines growing and more than 150 kinds of birds living here. With an extremely high content of negative oxygen ions in the air, it is an ideal place for citizens who have suffered from air pollution to enjoy natural oxygen. What’s more, tourists can also appreciate the amazing and romantic “Dendrobium in the mist” spectacle.

Source: Leyou Jiangsu