One Can Never Forget a Trip to Yangzhou in March

March is the best season to pay a visit to Yangzhou as the Slender West Lake is embraced by lake mist, green willow trees, blooming flowers, and green waters. Get ready for the lake’s “spring look”. In the coming months, there will be over 100 kinds of flowers blooming here, including spring plum, peach blossom, winter jasmine, peony flowers, and so on.

In the Wanhua Garden, there is already hint of cherry blossoms as some of them have bloomed early. It won’t be long before this place become a best viewing spot of cherry blossoms. The Plum Garden on the lake is the largest viewing spot of plum blossoms in Yangzhou. With a waterway passing through in the middle, the two sides are filled with plum trees. Deep in the Plum Garden, there is a Plum Blossoms Appreciating Pavilion. Visitors can go on a boat trip, climb up high, or step into the Garden to get a close look, to enjoy the eye-catching plum blossoms.

The peach flowers on the lakeside bloom right above the water; the winter jasmine light up the spring view; and the peony flowers are gorgeous as always…The Slender West Lake in spring is like a painting, in which visitors can enjoy the warm breeze, the willow trees, the fragrance of flowers, and many other attractive spring views.