Gaoyou Lake: Among the Sea of Flowers

When the spring breeze brings warmth to the world, it is the best time to go out and enjoy the pleasant scenery. On March 16th, the flower sea around Gaoyou Lake will officially open to the public, where the blossoms in full bloom are waiting for you. Thanks to the carpet of yellow painted by the spring breeze, the banks surrounding the lake have infinite beauty. When the rapeseed flowers are blooming, the boundless field of flowers will complement the lake view, creating the best scene for the human eyes.

When the fragrance of flowers is floating with the gentle breeze, it is time for the film-like romance to clash with reality. Let the green and yellow relax your body and Soul. As your awning boat zigzags among the sea of flowers, it is as if you are entering a majestic world over the blue water and in the crispy breeze. You can also board on the sightseeing train, appreciating the lakeside reeds waving in the breeze and enjoying the best time of spring.

Source: Gaoyou Culture, Broadcasting and Tourism Bureau