Xuzhou mutton soup 徐州羊肉汤

Mutton soup is not only a diet but a culture for Xuzhou, and it is an inseparable affection for Xuzhou people. The history of Xuzhou mutton soup originates from which years and months cannot be investigated, but its history is unquestionable. In Xuzhou, drinking mutton soup is a style, a bowl of mellow mutton soup can make you not hungry in the afternoon, full of energy.

The most prosperous Xuzhou is in the center of the city, the most homely Xuzhou is in the food market, and the most smoky Xuzhou is in the late night barbecue stall Xuzhou, the most vivid and real city, is in a mutton restaurant with hot air and dense fragrance, eating meat and drinking wine.

Xuzhou people have three treasures: pancakes, pot chicken and mutton soup. It takes six or seven hours to stew the fresh bones of the small goats raised on the mountain to make the bowl of mutton soup with milky color and pure texture. The coriander is green and floating in the middle of the bowl, which is very beautiful! Add two pancakes or several baked buns, and then put a spoonful of hot pepper and mutton oil. Stir with chopsticks evenly, and there will be a layer of red pepper and mutton oil floating on the mutton soup.

Chili mutton oil is a unique seasoning in Xuzhou. It is made of white sheep oil and chili sauce. It can be used in mutton soup, mutton noodles, mutton cooking, mutton stew, and mutton hot pot to increase the flavor and flavor without choking. Just like lard in lard bibimbap and butter used by Westerners to spread bread, the special fragrance is extremely beautiful. It’s just that Xuzhou people add a spicy part to the boiled mutton oil, which can not only cover up the mutton, but also make all kinds of mutton dishes eat more heroic.

Drinking mutton soup with chili and mutton oil is the real way to drink soup in Xuzhou. Put a little lamb oil in the bowl, scoop a spoon of scalding mutton soup into it, the lamb oil will be scalded instantly, and the fragrance will come to you. Scoop up a spoon and send it to the mouth slowly. The mutton soup flows slowly on the tip of the tongue. It’s original and pure, fresh but not mutton, fragrant but not greasy. It’s absolutely authentic.

The best food in winter is the warm and delicious mutton soup. If you dry it, you will have the power to fight against the whole winter.