The Authentic Taste of Pengcheng

Delicious food is the essence of life, and life is full of stories. This time, let’s get a closer look at Xuzhou and experience the simplicity and hospitality of this ancient city in local people’s life moments.

Yaowan Boat Dishes · Featured Lake Fresh

The prosperity of this millennial town named Yaowan comes from its location at the intersection of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and Luoma Lake. The great water resources benefit local industrial and commercial development and give rise to the popular Yaowan Boat Dishes.

The ingredients of Yaowan Boat Feast mainly come from the seasonal special lake fresh from Luoma Lake. There are many kinds of dishes, but the most impressive are fishes, for example, braised mandarin fish, steamed sharpbelly, braised turtle, sluice fish, salted fish with roasted meat, crucian with lotus cake, white bait egg soup, etc., which is a miniature of the Great Canal cuisine. Besides, the Yaowan sweet soy sauce, the mung bean shochu, the scented Osmanthus cakes, and many other delicacies are also available here in Yaowan.

Fuguo Street · Delicacies of Daily Cuisine

Fuguo Street is a busy old street full of delicacies in Xuzhou. Here, you’ll be able to have the daily cuisine of local people. The street becomes busy usually from 5 or 6 in the afternoon till very late at night. The scent and aroma of various delicacies is overwhelming and tempting when you walk along the street. Laodifang Spicy Crayfish, Qinyun Old Grandma Tantan Noodles, Zheng’s Barbecue Tendon, Sister Gao Sushi…are all popular restaurants in this street.

Apart from local delicacies, there are also options from other cuisine, for example, Changsha Stinky Tofu, Yan’an Fried Chicken, Nanjing Duck-blood and Vermicelli Soup, Jujing Pizza, etc., which can satisfy various requirements on flavors. There are so many kinds of snacks and I bet you won’t resist the temptation to taste them all: sugar-fried hawthorns, fried yoghurt, plum cake, stinky tofu, and so on.

One Eight Night Market · Trendy Place to Go

One Eight Night Market is the newly built night market offering “everyday food and snacks” in a “small but tasty style”. This place is full of people on summer nights and is the paradise for joyful eaters who would like to try all delicious food in the world. There are so many choices and design styles favored by young people, making it a trendy and cool place often visited by online celebrities.

All kinds of local snacks are available: Miliang Rice Balls, Larushan Chicken Feet, Fengchu Steak, Pailou Skewers, Finger-lipping Chicken Nuggets…You can also go with a bottle of iced beer, sit on the stalls, and enjoy the food and drinks. The whole street is filled with the tempting aroma of food, the flashing neon lights, and the joy and vitality of people.