Yaowan Boat Dishes

Yaowan, located at the intersection of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and the Luoma Lake, is a millennial town which gets prosperous because of the canal. The architectural complexes of the Ming and Qing style in Yaowan are secluded behind closed doors and become a valuable canal heritage. Due to its crucial position in the north and south waterways, the thriving water transportation promotes the rapid prosperity of the industry and commerce in Yaowan as well asYaowan Boat Dishes.

The ingredients of Yaowan Boat Dishes are mainly selected from the fresh water fish in LuomaLake. There are a great variety of dishes which are dominated by fish,including braised mandarin fish, steamed white silk fish, stewed soft-shelled turtle, sluice fish, salted fish with roasted pork, crucian carp cake, white bait in egg soup, etc. All of them vividly display the food culture of the Grand Canal. In addition, Yaowan sweet oil, mung bean liquor, sweet-scented osmanthus cake, etc. make Yaowan a venue for delicious food.