Time files under the Ancient Grand Canal in Huai’an

Huai’an, known as the city of canals, still retains numerous canal-related landmarks and cultural traditions. In the selection of “Hundred Scenes of Canal” in Jiangsu, the Hongze Lake Ancient Weir Scenic Spot and Jiangba River Work Characteristic Town were listed. It is recommended to appreciate the elegance of the ancient canal in Huai’an.

Hongze Lake Ancient Weir Scenic Spot

This scenic spot, a national AAAA tourist attraction, is located on the bank of Hongze Lake, the fourth largest freshwater lake in China. It covers an area of about 1,200 hectares, including areas such as Shuifucheng, a multifunctional area that integrates catering, accommodation, and cultural exhibition halls, Yurenwan (Fisherman’s Bay) on the theme of lake sightseeing and waterside experience, Hongze Lake Embankment, a world cultural heritage that covers cultural relics such as the Hongze Lake Monument and the Zhouqiao Datang, and Tie Niu Camp Site, which is themed with “camping under stars” and parent-child interaction. It is a comprehensive ecological and cultural tourist attraction that integrates cultural experience, health preservation and leisure, lake sightseeing, forest exploration, and “camping under stars”, etc.

Source: Hongze Publish

Jiangba Hegong Featured Town

Jiangba is an ancient town with a long history, as it originated in the Eastern Han Dynasty and flourished in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is located at the southern end of the ancient weir of Hongze Lake, a world cultural heritage, and adjacent to the vast Hongze Lake in the west, the famous Sanhe Sluice in the south, and the endless Lixiahe Plain in the east. As an important node of the Grand Canal, it is the communications center for the south to the north and the west to the east. With full use of its own advantages, Jiangba Town focuses on the development to be a characteristic town and vigorously facilitates river-work-style tourism. It has won honorary titles including the National Civilized Town, National Ecological Town, National Sanitation Town, Human Settlement Environment Demonstration Award of Jiangsu Province, Beautiful Waterside Township Jiangsu Province, and Ten Best Eco-Tourism Towns of Jiangsu Province. Moreover, Pengcheng Village has been awarded the most beautiful village in the province, Touhe Village has been listed as a key rural tourism village in the province, and Touhe Dayangzhuang has been awarded the provincial characteristic village.

Source: Jiangba Featured Town