Suzhou - A Legendary Trip to Pristine Countryside

If you want to experience the traditional farming culture and the beauty of new country life, please come to Zhangjiagang to start a legendary trip to the pristine countryside. Here, you will see the pleasant rural life and taste the bumper harvest in the fragrance of rice flowers, and you will be amazed by how poetic and unique the modern countryside can be.


Yonglian Village, Nanfeng Town, Zhangjiagang, Suzhou → Suzhou Jiangnan Agricultural Culture Park → Yonglian Modern Agricultural Base → Leisure Commune Tourist Homestay Cluster → Changbei Rice and Wheat Paradise → Sunfarm VIP Store → Xiaojiaxiang Village

As you enter Yonglian Town, you may first visit the Yonglian Exhibition Hall to learn about the legendary history of the village's transformation in just 50 years. Yonglian Fishing Center is a great place for fishing and barbecue in autumn. In Jiangnan Agricultural Culture Park, you can experience the traditional farm work like pulling a cart by an old ox and handicraft in workshop, or listen to frogs singing in rice fields, watch Jiangnan wedding customs as well as exciting animal performances like piglet diving and sea lion lassoing. You may also have fun in the children's playground.

At Yonglian Modern Agriculture Demonstration Park, you can witness the radical changes brought by modern technology to traditional agriculture. When you feel tired, you may rest at the Leisure Commune and enjoy the delicious country food. After boosting your energy, you can also pick golden oranges at Sunfarm VIP Store and taste their sweetness on the spot. You can also pack the oranges to take home. Afterwards, you can play at Changbei Rice and Wheat Paradise, stroll at the countryside of Xiaojiaxiang Village,and wander around in the sea of hairawn muhly and Galsang flowers, to have beautiful memories of autumn.