Changzhou Liyang - "Golden Hope" Autumn Countryside 2-Day Tour

Autumn always brings the joy of harvest and endless hope to people. The countryside in autumn is also extraordinarily joyful and pleasant. So, let's go to Liyang together. As you travel through Liyang in autumn on the speeding wheels, you will be astonished by the shimmering lake and the verdant sequoia alongside, by the green bamboo sea and the beauty and elegance of ancient streets in the Jiangnan water town. In the ancient Shenxijian Village, you can experience the rural atmosphere in the early autumn and live the simplest life. In Yangjia Village, you can immerse yourself in the fruitful autumn harvest, and let the wind of rice fragrance take you back to the countryside of your childhood. In Guilin Village, you can savor the Liyang tea made from mountain spring and dream back to the late 1960s to 1970s. In Qingfeng Village, known as the “No.1 village in south Jiangsu”, you can enjoy a joyful journey by breathing the aroma of rice, and seeing the happy harvest from the bumper crop.


Day 1:Nanshan Bamboo Sea → Ancient Street of Nanshan Bamboo Sea → Lijiaoyuan Village (lunch) → Shenxijian Village → Yangjia Village → Meijian Tree House (accommodation)

Day 2: Guilin Village → No.1 Highway Daxi Reservoir Section → Shitang No.37 (lunch) → Qingfeng Village

Reputed as "China's most beautiful bamboo sea", Nanshan Bamboo Sea has become the most impressive scenery throughout autumn with its elegant green color. The green bamboos and red maple trees are the greetings to autumn. You can take the cableway, light rail, or small train to experience the beauty of the Bamboo Sea from different angles.

You can also walk into the Hui-style Bamboo Sea Ancient Street built of white walls and dark blue tiles, stroll around the characteristic old stores and feel the passage of time in autumn. The cute and adorable animals in Meijie Shenma Farm wait for you to feed them and bring you the joy of heart-melting interaction.

When you are tired, you may stay in the Meijie tree house and experience the idyllic life surrounded by mountains and wilderness, to refresh yourself for a more exciting journey the next day. Driving around along Liyang No. 1 Road that is a natural gallery itself, you may enjoy the metasequoia in the Daxi Reservoir section, or have a taste of the countryside as a guest in Shitang No.37. Qingfeng Village offers you the view of rippling rice fields and fluttering herons, and awaits you to turn this autumn day into a poem treasured in your heart.