Come to Jiangsu to Taste the Hairy Crabs as They Fatten in Autumn

Perhaps you would expect the first hairy crab more in autumn than autumn itself. The crab has thick and tender meat as well as creamy roe, which will surely become your favorite. Jiangsu has a dense water network and abounds in hairy crab, have you ever tasted it?

Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crab

Suzhou Yangcheng Lake hairy crab is one of the three most famous crabs. The crab has thin shell, green and shiny back with faint yellow lines. Its belly is ivory white, the golden hair on the pincers is distinctive, and the crab has excellent mobility. When fully cooked, the shell is crisp, the back is yellowish tangerine, the meat is delicate, and the taste is fresh and sweet.

Taizhou Qinhu Lake Hairy Crab

Qinhu Lake hairy crab grows in the "National Famous Historical and Cultural Town" - Qintong Town Organic Aquatic Products Base in Qinhu. Since ancient times there has been the saying “Yangcheng Lake hairy crab is famous in the south, Qinhu Lake hairy crab is famous in the north”, or simply “Yangcheng crab in the south, Qinhu crab in the north". There is a poem to prove: “The big pincers are filled with white and tender meat like jade; the smell of crab roe inside the plump shell is mouthwatering.” The famous lyricist Mr. Yan Su once wrote: "The Qinhu Lake hairy crab is great, its reputation spreads everywhere".

Suqian Hongze Lake Hairy Crab

The hairy crab walks around with an “H” on its back and is a delicacy of the nature. It has green back, white belly and golden pincers with yellow hair. The crab’s yellow roe and white meat are tender, fragrant and rich in nutrition, and the crab sells well both at home and abroad.

Nanjing Gucheng Lake Hairy Crab

Gucheng Lake in Nanjing’s Gaochun District has 31 square kilometers of water and is one of the top ten lakes in Jiangsu Province with the best ecological protection. The lake has plenty of water plants as well as pleasant climate. The hairy crabs living here have a green back, white belly, yellow hair and golden pincers, while their meat is plump and sweet. The male crabs have plenty of crab cream and the female crabs have lots of roe. It can't be more pleasant to savor the crab with a pot of osmanthus wine and drink to the moon.