Yangzhou Dongguan Street 扬州东关街

The Dongguan Street, stretching a length of 1122 meters from the ancient canal in the east to the Guoqing Road, was the most prosperous and popular street in the Yangzhou city in the Ming and Qing dynasty.

Since the opening of the great canal, the Open Road, linking the canal and the city district, came to become a most active gathering place of business and culture communications. Through thousand years of accumulation, with the rich historic remains and humanity sites, the street could be claimed the best preserved old business city among all the cities along the Great China Canal.

Dongguan Street, with a total length of 1122 meters, remains the vital center of commerce till now, with traditional handicraft, special snacks and time-honored brand shops gathering in this place. There are 232 commercial tenants in the street, including 19 traditional shops with time-honored brand, such as Xiefuchun, Sanhesimei, China Photo Shop, Xiemao Pharmacy and so on.

The Dongguan street has some culture relic protection sites, such as the Hua’s Garden, the Wudang Imperial Palace and has restored historic compounds, such as Huaju Alley, Hu Garden, Jienan book house and Dongrong Garden. There gathered over 50 vital culture relic sites including former residences of celebrities, Mansions of salt merchants, monastery gardens, and ancient trees and old wells. Such multi- and alive spatial framework in characteristics of the combination of river (canal), city (city gate) and street (Dongguan Street), which embodies the unique charm of cities along the canal in Jiangnan.