Yuejiang Tower——one of the four famous buildings in Jiangnan

Yuejiang Tower is located on the top of the Shizi mountain in Gulou District, Nanjing. It stands on the banks of the Yangtze River. It is one of the top ten cultural buildings in China and one of the four famous buildings in Jiangnan.

Historical background of Yuejiang Tower

The construction of Yuejiang Tower started 600 years ago. In the past 600 years, although there are two pieces of Yuejiang Lou Ji, they have not been completed for various reasons. With the coming of the spring of reform and opening up, some people of insight put forward the motion of building Yuejiang Tower, which has received the response from all walks of life. In 1997, the municipal government officially approved the construction of Yuejiang Tower. After more than three years of efforts, it completed a lot of preparatory work, such as troop relocation, planning and design, scheme comparison and selection, and officially started construction in February 1999, and completed and opened to the outside world in September 2001.

The main features of Yuejiang Tower

Yuejiang Tower is the main attraction of Yuejiang Tower Scenic Area. It is located on the top of the Shizi mountain, with a height of 78 meters and a height of 52 meters. The main building area of the Yuejiang Building is more than 4,000 square meters. The towering and magnificent Yuejiang Tower is displayed in front of people with its unique charm. Its characteristics are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

First, it has a long history and rich heritage. As the founding emperor of the Daming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang proposed to build the Yuejiang Tower, which has a deep and intriguing artistic conception from the perspectives of literature, history, and humanities and culture.

Second, the design is exquisite and the art is superb. The whole building is set off by the blue sky and green trees, with elegant colors and colorful sceneries.

The third is the distinctive style of Ming Dynasty and the classical royal style. The architectural design and color selection of Yuejiang tower is based on the style of Ming Dynasty and royal style, showing its majestic form and momentum, so that its height, volume and momentum are comparable to Yueyang Tower, Tengwang tower and Yellow Crane Tower.

Fourth, unique geographical location, superior viewing perspective. It is the best place to enjoy the scenery of the river. Climbing up Yuejiang tower, you can have a panoramic view of the vast river, which makes you feel relaxed and happy.

Yuejiang Tower has many attractions

The total area of the Yuejiang Tower Scenic Area is 31 hectares, of which the water surface accounts for 1/3, the land accounts for 2/3, and the green coverage rate reaches 85%. The scenic area has more than 30 historical sites such as Yuejiang Tower, Wanxian Pavilion, Ancient Fortress, SunZhongshan ’s Yuejiang Section, the Five Army Tunnel, the Ancient City Wall, Dizang Temple, Five-colored Soil and Jinghai Temple. One of the well-known tourist attractions in the country. It is a national aaaa tourist attraction.

Scenic tickets:

Adult ticket: 40.00 yuan

Half-price ticket: students and seniors (over 60 years old-under 70 years old) 20.00 yuan

Opening hours: 07: 30-17: 30; Stop selling tickets: 17:00 (January 1st-December 31st Mon-Sun)

Attraction location: No. 202 Jianning Road, Gulou District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province