The eighth season of "Jiangsu super fun" ended with good fortune,21 homestays in Jiangsu that must be visited.《江苏超好玩》第八季福气收官,21家江苏民宿吃土也要住!

On January 17, Jiangsu Provincial Department of culture and tourism, a famous brand activity named “Jiangsu super fun” —— Jiangsu homestay, ended with good fortune! Su Dalian collected popular homestays from all parts of Jiangsu Province, and gave an exclusive travel strategy for the coming Spring Festival holiday, opening a new way to play in the New Year!

There are 21 homestays in jiangsu that must be visited

The event’s special reporter Su Dalian spent 1 month, traveling through 13 cities in Jiangsu and found 21 super popular homestays:Nanjing Lishui LiangPengXia Style Homestay; Nanjing Kuandu Hotel; Yangzhou Fangcun Inn; Yangzhou Heyi health Hotel; Zhenjiang Shi Hong · Man Zhi; Zhenjiang Xijindu Hill House; Suqian Village Flower Homestay; Changzhou Jiezhou · Changshan House; Changzhou Nanshan Bamboo Ocean Inn; Boyin Chanshe Shanju Meisu Hostel; Journey Inn Shushan; Huai’an jiangba Town Yuncanghai; Yancheng Yellow Sea National Forest Park cabin; Wuxi yunyin East · Mo house; Wuxi Xiaozhu Muye; Xuzhou Zihai Blue Mountain Manor; Nantong Jing Lan Tangzha Hotel Impresja; Lianyungang Sucheng Bajianfang Hotel; Taizhou liuhejing Hostel; Taizhou Dongli Caosu Inn.

There are 21 styles of 21 homestays, full of Jiangsu’s rich culture and vitality. There are many fans online and offline, which has become a popular check-in place for tourists to visit Jiangsu.

Lianyungang Sucheng Bajianfang Hotel

Boyin Chanshe Shanju Meisu Hostel

Yancheng Yellow Sea National Forest Park cabin

Su Dalian brings you a strategy of accommodation for the Spring Festival

In this activity, Su Dalian, the mascot, arranged accommodation strategies for 21 homestays for you. Through many interesting articles and pictures, creative short videos, popular topics, unique observation perspective, characteristic cultural creation and other interesting forms to introduce jiangsu homestay.Combining the tradition of giving blessings during the Spring Festival, Su Dalian has sent a number of homestay accommodation coupons and gift packages online and offline during this season’s activities, attracting many fans to discuss and recommend the Jiangsu homestays.

Jiangsu super fun,more fun in 2020

The Jiangsu Province Department of Culture and Tourism’s brand event “Jiangsu Super Fun” has been going on for two years since its launch in 2018. With the purpose of “discovering all the fun in Jiangsu”, the event fully grasps the new trend of “Online + offline + experience” in the time of mobile Internet,and convey the characteristic content of Jiangsu Cultural Tourism with a new perspective.Since 2018, “Jiangsu Super Fun” has launched eight major seasons. The mascot Su Dalian is active in various cities in Jiangsu, digging deep into the province’s historical districts, century-old shops, specialty museums, design hotels, Intangible cultural heritage skills, and popular snacks are rich in Jiangsu characteristics, and have received many good comments from netizens.

In 2020, Jiangsu super fun will continue to launch more exciting and interesting thematic activities with various forms and unique perspectives to unlock more new ways of playing in Jiangsu!

Jiangsu super fun, found all fun in Jiangsu!For more fun, please pay attention to the official wechat “江苏微旅游” of Jiangsu Provincial Department of culture and tourism.