The “Charm of Jiangsu” Autumn Issue (English Version) Is Out Now, Netizens Are Awed by Jiangsu’s Beauty


The “Charm of Jiangsu” autumn issue is out now! Please read on, and admire the colorful Charm of Jiangsu in autumn. Autumn is the season for climbing and outdoor activities, let’s climb the mountains of Jiangsu together and enjoy the aerobic exercise. In Nanjing, we explore Mufu Mountain on the south bank of the Yangtze River; in Lianyungang, we climb the highest peak, Yunnu Peak; we leave footprints on Yunlong Mountain in Xuzhou and Mi Family Mountain in Zhenjiang, and we climb the peak to overlook the view of the Yangtze River. The issue will also show you the splendid colors of autumn in Jiangsu, to enjoy maples, chrysanthemums and osmanthus, to see the milu running in the autumn background, and to find the mysterious places in the dense forest. In addition, the museum tour takes us to the Former Residence of Pearl S. Buck, a famous American writer, to learn her story with Zhenjiang. As for the autumn delicacies, our featured food is moon cake, an ancient Chinese traditional cuisine that has a different appeal in Jiangsu. Please read through the new autumn issue and share the beauty of Jiangsu's four seasons.