Southeast Asian Netizens Speak Highly of the Mid-Autumn Event “Authentic Taste of Nanjing”


Nanjing Culture & Tourism Promotion Center (Southeast Asia) and Nanjing Culture & Tourism Promotion Center (Hong Kong & Macau) send greetings to all the overseas Chinese as the osmanthus-scented Mid-Autumn Festival approaches. A special event called “Authentic Taste of Nanjing” is also unveiled for people in Nanjing and Southeast Asia, drawing broad attention from netizens.  

Congratulations to the winners

Recently, a promotional article titled “How Many of These Autumn Delicacies of Nanjing Have you Tried?” was posted on Singapore Eye and Malaysia-China Insight, the mainstream media in Southeast Asia. The article begins with the introduction of Nanjing’s osmanthus snacks, such as sweet osmanthus taro, sticky rice dumplings with red bean, osmanthus-flavored sweet lotus root, the seasonal Gucheng Lake crabs, etc. The article ends with an interactive lucky draw that encourages readers to share the Nanjing delicacies. The appeal of Nanjing delicacies and special prizes made in China attract a flood of comments quickly.

“Authentic Taste of Nanjing” posted on Singapore Eye and Malaysia-China Insight

In the comments section, many Nanjing natives living in Singapore were touched by the gourmet food that brings back their hometown memories. There were also overseas netizens who have lived or traveled in Nanjing, recalling their favorite Nanjing food and sharing their travel experience in Nanjing. They also recommended attractions worth visiting. As the offline experience store in support of this event, Nanjing Impressions Singapore displayed the event leaflets and distributed the English version of Nanjing Travel Guide for free.

Thank you for sharing and welcome to Nanjing

The event is also supported by China Cultural Centre (Singapore) and China Cultural Centre (Kuala Lumpur). Both institutions share the article for promotion, and many of their fans follow and share it.

Gratitude to China Cultural Centre (Singapore) and China Cultural Centre (Kuala Lumpur) for their support

As live-streaming booms, “tourism + live-streaming” is also becoming a trend for tourists, since it gives a better and all-round understanding on the features of the tourism product. Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism is catching up with such boom to meet the diversified demands of young people through an immersive promotion of Nanjing attractions and vivid story-telling. In mid-September, Zhou Guanghe, a top tour guide in Nanjing live-streamed on Facebook at Confucius Temple Scenic Area along with Hilda, a Singaporean blogger, and Qiu Shengyang, DJ of CAPITAL 95.8FM under Mediacorp. During the live-stream, Mr. Zhou led the viewers to tour Qinhuai River, and described its prosperity starting with the love story of Li Xiangjun, the prettiest of the Eight Beauties of Qinhuai. During the tour, viewers were taken to Wende Bridge for the spectacular view of the split moon, to Wuyi Lane for a stroll and the past stories of Wang Xie’s former residence, and then to the Confucius Temple and the Imperial Examination Museum of China for the splendor of China’s cultural center.

The online promotion featured interaction, live-streaming and videos of store visits, catering to the current development of We Media. The article was viewed for more than 300,000 times on all social platforms combined, and the video playback and article views both exceeded 10,000 times. The popularity of this online event highlights the huge tourism demand of overseas visitors, and will continue to enhance the fame of Nanjing as a wonderful tourist destination in Southeast Asia.

Nanjing always welcomes visitors from around the globe with open arms, and has resumed direct flights to and from Hong Kong and Macao and Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam since May. Going forward, Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism will continue its efforts to enrich the contents and forms of promotion. More events like “Taste of Nanjing” will be put into place, as part of the preparation to bring Nanjing’s tourism back to normal.