The 7th Nanjing Folk Culture Festival


On January 18, the 7th Nanjing Folk Culture Festival opened in XINANLI historical and cultural district. Many Nanjing citizens came to participate, received new year’s stickers, watched the folk story parade,experienced the intangible cultural heritage folk custom class, and enjoyed the “folk intangible cultural heritage” market and the “exotic style” market.

This Nanjing Folk Culture Festival presented a comprehensive view of Jinling’s traditional folk culture to the public. At the cultural festival, the folk story ”Mouse of marriage” parade attracted the attention of the general public. With the sound of gongs and drums, the scene was very happy and won the praise of the audience along the way.

Nanjing Folk Museum specially invited 21 inheritors of folk intangible cultural heritage to make up a folk intangible cultural heritage market. It was to show the traditional handicraft of Chinese new year to the public.Ian Ross, the manager of Finnegan bar who has lived in sinanli for 11 years, and more than a dozen foreign friends who have established independent brands in Nanjing have brought the “exotic” market.

Whether it is gourd painting, Qinhuai lantern, shaking dianthus, clay sculpture, velvet flower, micro-carving, bamboo carving, cloth-paste painting, Nanjing paper-cut, opera mask, sugar painting, kite and other traditional folk intangible cultural heritage items, or delicious Turkish barbecue, elk shaped European baked biscuits, mellow instant coffee and other exotic food,both let adults and children immerse themselves in it and felt the integration of Chinese and foreign cultures.

On the same day of the activity, the new year’s festival exhibition of intangible cultural heritage of rat, sponsored by Nanjing Museum, opened in Nanjing folk custom museum. Through various forms, the exhibition showed the audience excellent intangible cultural heritage of Nanjing. The exhibition will last until February 29.