Nanjing 2019 Youth Olympic Lighting Art Festival


Nanjing 2019 Youth Olympic Lighting Art Festival has been lit up already, and light up at 6:30-9:30pm each evening until February 28th.

The whole show is built by the “one axis and one road”principal line divided into the main venue and branch venue and has six featured subject show sections; come to watch the show together for the various subject activities over 50 sessions during the 30 days.

  1. The “one axis and one road”

The show is particularly created by building the  “one axis and one road” as the principal line, revealing the city rhythm and youthful vitality.

The “one axis” is for the main venue section: including Jiangshan Street Green Axis, International Youth Culture Garden Flag Array Plaza, The Youth Olympic Museum Plaza and Nanjing Eye Footbridge etc.

The “one road” is for the branch venue section: including Jiangdong Middle Road, Olympic Center, Jiangsu Grand Theatre, Golden Eagle World and Wanda Plaza.

  1. The six featured subject show sections

01Road of Innovation

02Light of Humanity

03Tour of Powerful Nation

04Beautiful Star

05International Style

06Happy Flowers